Our world is full of visionary leaders determined to take bold transformative steps toward a sustainable resilient path

and we know how to cultivate them.

Leadership based on the power to transform what lies in all of us.

Lead for Impact supports the development of resilient, inspired, and holistically minded leaders who have the drive and courage to transform themselves, their communities, their organizations, and the world.

What we offer you:

Lead for Impact offers a full range of personal and professional development programs and training sessions customized to your leadership needs. Based on our core belief that change starts from within, our services include individual coaching, transformational leadership seminars, fellowship programs, intercultural communication workshops, and conflict resolution training.

The team at Lead for Impact has trained thousands of people from governmental and nonprofit organizations (including United Nations agencies) to corporations, small businesses, and educational organizations and districts (K–12 and higher education). Here are a few:


“Lead for Impact’s work is truly transformative. By working on multiple levels (individual, relational, societal), their methods for leadership training build my base for sustainable, meaningful change. Rather than just teaching leadership skills, they help them emerge within their students, creating the basis for sustainable change. Lead for Impact uses their formidable insights and skills to go to the core of the issue and build infrastructures in which true transformation can emerge.”

Alea Skware

-PhD student in Psychology at UC Davis


“I had the pleasure to co-facilitate a weekend workshop with Lead for Impact a few years ago. I was highly impressed with their ability to create safe and generative space for the participants to navigate the challenges. What I like most about working with Lead for Impact is their cultural humility and passion for collaborating on large projects that transform individuals, organizations and society.”

Martha Lasley

-Co-founder of Leadership That Works


“Most recently I have been a participant in Lead for Impact’s leadership seminars that have been transformative and instrumental to my development as an agent for social change. I am inspired by Lead for Impact’s discipline, diligence and passion for humanity. As leaders, they are most effective in uniting diverse communities and in generating opportunities for sustainable and equitable change. Lead for Impact is a positive force in the planetary-wide social transformation that is afoot.”

Vernice Miler

-A Laboratory for Actor Training


“Lead for Impact taught me to embody a set of leadership skills that my executive graduate program at an Ivy League university was short of. The tools and knowledge I acquired will help me move from commitment to strategic action in what I care about the most - improving the lives of the most vulnerable children. The Lead for Impact facilitators put together a very thoughtful curriculum that made every hour spent with the group certainly worthy.”

Alicia M.


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